Airbnb to top one million guests in a single night on New Year's Eve | The Insight Files |

Airbnb has over one million guests booked for this upcoming New Year's Eve, up from 550,000 last year. It will be the first time the room sharing company has ever booked one million people in a single night, surpassing the previous record on August 8, 2015, which was just shy of seven digits. The five cities with the highest booking volumes on December 31, 2015 are: New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Berlin. The five destinations with the biggest jump in bookings over 2014 include three cities in Japan, plus Cuba and Acapulco. Three cities in France were also among the top 10 destinations with the highest surge year-over-year. The three most well-travelled routes from point A to point B are: Singapore to Tokyo, Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong to Osaka. Find out more.