Australian tourism turns to user-generated GoPro films for New Year's Eve | The Insight Files |

Over 1.5 million New Year's Eve revellers in Sydney Harbour last week watched six short GoPro films of surfers, skateboarders and zoo animals projected on the 250-feet-high columns supporting Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tourism Australia and the City of Sydney worked with social media influencers to produce the films, each created with miniature GoPro HERO4 cameras, at nearby locales such as Bondi Beach and Taronga Zoo. The projections were designed to provide a taste of Tourism Australia's upcoming global advertising campaign launching this month, which will focus on Australia's aquatic and coastal travel experiences. "This highlighted the power of user-generated content," says Jesse Desjardins, global manager of social and content for Tourism Australia. "By giving our influencers a GoPro, we were able to capture incredible content from the point of view of our audience, instead of the other way around, which is a big shift for destination marketing organisations." Watch a short video of some of the GoPro footage here.