National Geographic Traveller turns to Snapchat to win over millennials | The Insight Files |

Snapchat can make it easier to attract the interest of millennials, by serving up content from recognisable publishers, or so National Geographic hopes.When Snapchat introduced its Discover product in late January, 11 publications joined in to form a content hub. Skift recently talked to the content lead for social media at National Geographic Traveller about its contribution to National Geographic's initiative on Snapchat. The team curates content from its digital verticals including news, video, photography, the magazine, travel and adventure. Vertical and horizontal swiping is a way to behaviourally make an impression on users' minds and keep them longer on Discover. There is a definite learning curve in consuming content this way, but the quality of content on its daily issue is compelling enough to consider another visit. Find out more.