Lonely Planet's top new travel experiences for 2015 | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Lonely Planet's destination gurus have scoured the globe to find new attractions for its New in Travel (free) eBook. Its top picks include exploring the inside of an ice cap in Iceland, star-gazing in Australia's outback and zip-lining over lush valleys in Taiwan. Closer to home, the second stage of the Three Capes Track coastal walk on Australia's Tasman Peninsula is set to open in late 2015. The world-class, multi-day experience, up to 82km in length when fully complete, will feature hut accommodation and a boat-based element, showcasing the area's stunning scenery. What will set this track apart from the many multi-day hikes in Australia will be the standard of public facilities available - the walk will include huts at up to three sites with mattresses and cooking facilities. Click here to download the free eBook.