The reputations of America's most visible companies | The Insight Files |

A new poll by Harris Interactive has measured consumers' views of major companies in the U.S. With the exception of the Walt Disney Company, the new report highlights that travel companies within the USA do not elicit award-winning reputations in the eyes of American consumers. According to the poll, the general public views Disney as 'Excellent,' securing 12th position as one of America's most visible companies; far above the nearest travel company. Southwest Airlines, at number 46, elicited a 'Good' reputation from consumers, while Delta Airlines (number 79) and United Airlines (number 86) drew 'Fair' and 'Poor' reputations, respectively. While only 36% of respondents had something positive to say about airlines, there was nearly a 10% point increase from the poll two years ago. Click here to download the report.