Tourism 101: online marketing to China | The Insight Files |

Often, foreign destinations, big or small, do not know how to attract Chinese tourists. So here's a few ideas from Tnooz to get started:

  • Be clear about who you are/who you want to be to Chinese tourists.
  • The B2C route to becoming a star destination - SEO is the first stop for this. Start with a well-designed website, located in China and then have some SEO done on the most relevant keywords. 
  • In addition to being one of the oldest e-tourism platforms, Lvmama is a popular place to be, with a ranking in the top 250 websites in China. 
  • Sohu's forums are very influential in their own industries. for example, is a must-read in travel.
  • Be social, be trendy, have a Weibo account. Weibo is an open social network often wrongly called the 'Chinese Twitter' - while similar, Weibo has more features than its Western so-called counterpart.

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