6 mobile learning trends for 2016 | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

This article outlines some of the top Mobile Learning Trends that you may want to watch out for this upcoming year. These include:

  1. Farewell flash, hello HTML - HTML is accessible on all platforms, devices and browsers, so is forecast to gradually take the reins from its Flash predecessor.
  2. Big Data applications - Big Data gives you the opportunity to examine learner preferences and improve your overall mobile training strategy.
  3. Responsive design - A responsive Learning Management System modifies the placement of the images, text blocks and layout based on the device, ensuring every learner receives the same experience.
  4. Wearable tech - Instead of sitting through a sales training presentation, employees can now interact with virtual customers and learn every step in the transaction process by using an augmented reality device.
  5. Moment of need mobile support - Mobile support is an invaluable tool for organisations with a distributed workforce.
  6. Geo-location: Gives you the chance to deliver relevant online training to your global audience.

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