The destination marketing live stream revolution begins with North Carolina | The Insight Files |

Visit North Carolina is one of the first destination marketers to make an investment in the fast-emerging live stream arena. Periscope, Twitter's newly-acquired live streaming answer to Meerkat, has launched. Visit NC has chosen Twitter's version of live streaming, opting for the advantage of full integration with the Twitter's platform in addition to the ability to save recordings at a later date. The key is to still make it exciting and compelling to watch as it unfolds live, as live content always has a natural angle for consuming as-it-happens. The live streams are being announced on VisitNC's Twitter page, which can then be viewed only through the mobile app. The smart thing is that it basically creates a live travel show, with travel brands able to post a schedule and get everyone engaged in advance. Users can then interact with the live stream, posting comments and asking questions. Click here to learn more about the next evolution in travel shows.