It's all about the good vibes on TripAdvisor | The Insight Files |

Three quarters of people writing reviews on TripAdvisor do so because they want to share a good experience, rather than rant about it. The user review service carried out a survey using PhoCusWright earlier this year but has just released the findings. The study involved a sample of 15,000 travellers from a broad range of countries including the UK, France, Germany, US, India and Japan, using a pop-up module from TripAdvisor. Key findings include:

  • Two of the most important things for users when reading reviews are recency (42%) and quantity (30%).
  • The majority of users want one place where they can read reviews, compare prices and book.
  • 70% of users wrote a review because they received good advice from reviews and wanted to give back.
  • 76% agree that user photos influence their decisions.
  • 8/10 users say TripAdvisor helps them plan better trips.

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