Going once. Going twice. Sold to the passenger in seat 26D | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

A new app, called Seateroo, will allow passengers to auction off their seats to the winning bidder, earning them a little extra spending money in the process. Want a better seat location? Crave a window seat? Then pay a passenger with a better seat to swap seats with you. That’s the core message behind the new app Seateroo which launched this month. Free to use, the app makes money by take a 15% cut out of each transaction. The app is available through the Apple Store and only available in the United States for the moment. According to the company, 27% of Americans have expressed interest in the app, and are willing to pay up to $24 (A$34) for a better seat on a short-haul flight and $34 (A$48) on longer journeys. Find out more.