Hey travel brands, do you Squidoo? You should! | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

Sure you know Facebook. And its photo sharing acquisition Instagram, then of course there is popular platform of Twitter, but do you Squidoo?

Why Travel Companies Should Use It

Showcase your product. In an industry where many companies offer the same destinations, itineraries, or mode of transport, Squidoo gives users the opportunity to make it fun. Big pictures are a must. Exciting verbal duels, polls, and caption contests are suggested. We even created a Pandora feature in our Tahiti Cruise lens that allows users to play island music while browsing the page.

Interact with the consumer on a personal level. Instead of reaching out and barraging the consumer with e-mails, calls, and more, this social platform allows those truly interested in your lens to engage with your brand without even knowing they are interacting with a company.

You can disseminate information, ‘suggest’ certain products, and showcase a special, all without coming across like you are selling anything, and then when the moment is right, offer them your personal assistance or company support.

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