How to keep your marketing strategy out of the Stone Age | The Insight Files |

The future of marketing isn't technology for technology's sake - it's a finessed, consumer-centric approach that prioritises relevant and meaningful experiences. Naturally, technology will allow the experiences to exist in the digital world, but it's the combination of art and science - strategy and technology - that will separate the disruptors from the disrupted. This article explains how to become an experience-led business in order to stay ahead of the pack. In general terms, an experience-led business will use audience insights in order to determine who the consumer is and what they're looking for, and then pair that data with a map of the customer's journey - including common engagement touch points, frequency and device. Once the necessary data has been gathered, it's up to the marketer to craft and deliver the most unique and personalised conversion experience possible. Done properly, the strategy will improve conversion rates and build brand equity. Find out more.