Singing karaoke on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge | The Insight Files |

Chinese tourists will be able to bust out their favourite karaoke songs as they reach the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge over Chinese New Year. For United States tourists, there is ice hockey at Sydney Olympic Park in July, while Destination NSW hopes the Indians will be drawn in by the Parramasala festival in Parramatta, but China remains the most lucrative market, with even the Parkes' Elvis festival being pushed to Chinese Elvis fans. In 2012, Chinese tourists spent $102 billion while travelling internationally. Between the September quarters of 2013 and 2014, the number of Chinese visitors grew 14.3% according to figures from Destination NSW. While the English are more likely to be found swarming the hostels of Coogee, and the Germans picking fruit in Orange, the Chinese often opt for shorter stays with higher levels of spending, according to data from Tourism Australia. Click here to learn more.