How brands can tap into Australian and New Zealander emotions | The Insight Files |

Facebook and TNS Australia have researched Facebook and Instagram users to investigate the emotional drivers of behaviours. Turns out, there are six different types of consumer identities which creatives can use to really establish a connection. These include:


  1. Daring connectors (12% of Facebook users) - desire bold one-liners, non-conformist ideas and provocative content. 
  2. Assertive connectors (10%) - want confident and assertive content, thought-leadership and a strong point of view.
  3. Clever connectors (12%) - content should be succinct and minimalist, including discerning information and thought-provoking ideas.
  4. Security-seeking connectors (12%) - desire supportive and emotive content, encompassing feel-good stories and inspirational quotes.
  5. Friendly connectors (26%) - content should be straight-forward and social-focused, sharing stories and events.
  6. Playful connectors (27%) - want playful and cheeky content featuring new trends and up-to-date information. 


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