Young travellers seeking connectivity, comfort and accessibility | The Insight Files |

According to the latest survey from Topdeck, it's life experiences and cultural enrichment that float the boat of young travellers, rather than selfies with the Eiffel Tower. The 2015 Global Youth Travel Survey, which saw more than 31,000 people from 134 countries respond to a bunch of travel-related questions, has shown that young people are chasing more when they jump on that plane overseas. The survey highlighted that only 2% of the Gen Y and Z crew would be happy to pay extra to sleep in a five star hotel, compared to 46% who prefer the social community found in hostels and shared spaces. Experiencing new culture and eating the local foods are what inspires travel in 86% and 69% of young people respectively, despite partying still ranking at a solid 44%. Click here to read the results.