Virtual reality experience helps holiday planning | The Insight Files |

Thomas Cooke Group is offering a new way to shop for your next holiday trip - in a world where consumers are increasingly turning to online outlets for tour comparisons, purchases and DIY tours, this initiative by Thomas Cook may draw high-end clientele back into the bespoke tour fold. Thomas Cook are modernising their offerings by allowing potential vacationers a chance to look before they book by using a high-tech virtual reality tour of destinations before making a final decision of where they will spend their next holiday. Their taster units feature goggles and a headset that give the user an immersive glimpse, complete with narration, of the sights and sounds they will experience at different destinations. After a successful initial trial in a UK-based outlet, the virtual reality tourism content will expand to a second stage with three locations in the UK, three in Germany and four in Belgium. Click here for more information.