Fascinating map reveals tourism slogans from around the world | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

A new map reveals how countries around the world sell themselves - from ‘Visit Armenia, it is beautiful', and 'Yes, it's Jordan', to more gimmicky catchphrases like 'Ukraine – It’s all about U'. Tourism boards spend millions brainstorming the perfect slogan, with suitably differing results. As seen in this map, it's interesting to learn how various countries around the world sell themselves, with several war-torn countries retaining their inviting catchphrases despite currently being off-limits to tourists. There were 38 countries where tourism slogans could not be found, including North Korea, and surprisingly, Sweden. Popular tactics for tourism slogans include wordplay - ''Morocco, Much Mor", alliteration - "Epic Estonia", and geography - Portugal's "Europe's West Coast." Find out more.