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I’ll admit it: I’ve got an axe to grind. A big and rather shiny axe, one that has been resting against the cupboard called Lazy Travel Marketing for quite a while.


For those of you that don’t know me, my history is pretty much all organic SEO – I’ve worked in some of the toughest most competitive industries there are, from online gaming to entertainment, and now find myself in travel.


What’s bothering me is that things have moved on.


Really, they have – up until about a year ago I would have told anyone that you could get away with having distinctly average content, as long as it was propped up with a large amount of links, irrespective of the quality of each individual one.


It is fair to say that a lot of companies have got away with employing strategies, tactics, or even search agencies that simply depended on a volume of links and little else to rank in organic search.

Heck, a large percentage of every major industry relied on that strategy to rank well, leaving those with great content but limited link-building budgets at the bottom of the pile.


What happened?


Well, things have changed.


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