The best day to promote your travel app | The Insight Files |

Sensor Tower has crunched the data to find the best time for mobile engagement across all iOS categories, including travel. The team pulled estimate weekly downloads and revenue for all iOS apps in the United States for every category and then broke the data down by downloads/revenue per day. The time period for analysis was January through March 2015. Sensor Tower found the weekend to be the best time to promote travel apps, owing to the fact that most people aren't working, and therefore have more spare time to research and book various travel items. It is also the time that users are most likely out in the world and ready to purchse last-minute in-app products. Accordingly, revenue jumps several percentage points over the weekend. Downloads also increase slightly over the weekend, but not as markedly as revenue. These stats are important as mobile has moved from the fringe to become one of the main channels for marketing, engagement and conversion for travel brnads. Criteo's quarterly look at mobile commerce shows the travel category is growing and that mobile's overall share of commerce will jump from 29% to 33% by the year's end alone.