Disruption to the travel ecosystem | The Insight Files | Scoop.it

According to Skift, the travel industry has already experienced three digital revolutions. The first revolution started in the 1960s, fuelled by the commercial development of air transportation under the IATA umbrella, which led to the creation of the Computerised Reservation Systems. The second travel industry revolution started with the rise of the World Wide Web on top of the growing Internet network. The Online Travel Agency phenomenon shook up the whole ecosystem by offering the traveller the capability to compare and book fares online. The revolution of online disintermediation happened in a very short time, from the mid 1990s to mid 2000s. The third revolution resulted from the expansion of the Internet, as it added the capability to access Internet from mobile and add to it the wisdom of crowd. The Open Booking movement was born, lasting nearly a decade from the mid 2000s to 2015. The fourth revolution is about commoditisation of the core mobility and travel services offered and their pervasive distribution in all possible digital and physical channels. Find out more.