Tourism Australia uses food to drive luxury travel spending | The Insight Files |

International visitors to Australia spent a record $34.8 billion in the 12 months ending September 30, 2015—up 13% or $4.1 billion—marking the highest jump in total inbound traveller spend since 2001. Visitor spending from the U.S. alone was up 14%. A significant factor behind that increase was due to Tourism Australia's concerted push toward luxury travel marketing in recent years. The article attributes the double-digit percentage increase in international visitor spending in Australia during the last fiscal year to four primary factors:

  1. Tourism Australia's 'There's nothing like Australia' marketing campaign positions the entire country as a luxury destination.
  2. Everyone in the Australia tourism sector seems to be on point.
  3. Tourism Australia and many of the destinations and hotels are aggressively incorporating indigenous communities into their brand storytelling and product programming.
  4. There's been a surge of new luxury accommodation product entering the market over the last six to seven years.

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