The most discussed travel topics on Internet forums | The Insight Files |

Allianz has analysed the most discussed travel topics on Internet forums to reveal what users are talking about. Sorting through the most popular forums with a dedicated travel area on Google, Allianz analysed a sample of over 3 million comments from a period of 5 years. By looking at the top ten most discussed forum categories in different markets, Allianz was able to compare traveller priorities in the surveyed countries. For example, while loyalty and mileage programs constitutes the most discussed topic in the United States and Australia, air transport and air companies leads in Europe, and travelling with parents dominates in China.

The top ten discussed topics on travel forums in Australia are:

  1. Loyalty and mileage programs
  2. Air transport and airlines
  3. Road trips
  4. Must-see locations
  5. Travelling alone
  6. Bargain travel
  7. Travelling with technology
  8. Looking for a travel companion
  9. Travel trips
  10. Photo/videos