The varied holiday habits of millennials | The Insight Files |

Hotels and destinations are busy trying to woo millennial travelers but they are not a monolithic group and their holiday patterns this year are skewing in opposing directions. While 40% of respondents in a TripAdvisor survey of 32 countries indicated they plan on increasing their holiday budgets in 2015, nearly 50% of the millennials who responded that they intend to spend more on their holidays said they will do so because they are travelling somewhere on their bucket list. In this TripBarometer March 2015 Global Travel Economy Report, millennials, defined as people aged 18 to 34 years old, were the most frequent group to cite the bucket list factor as the reason they believe their travel budget will increase in 2015. Some 42% of survey respondents - not just millennials - noted the reason they plan on increasing their holiday budget is because their families deserve it. Click here for more information.