Are we heading for another defining year in online travel? | The Insight Files |

2014 was a very dynamic year for the online travel sector, which saw new forces rising within it, reshaping the way travel products will be marketed in the next few years. In particular, two of these forces emerged as the most significant: the mobile channel and personalisation. The mobile channel has successfully overcome all doubts about its ability to become significant for the travel industry, reaching an estimated 15% of global online travel sales in 2014, while strengthening its key role as a customer service tool in the industry. The other significant development of 2014 was the rise of personalisation - all big players in travel are currently working on it in order to increase conversions and offer a better consumer experience, which will become a key competitive factor in the next few years. 2015 is expected to become as dynamic as 2014 in terms of disruptive market developments which will take the travel industry by storm, forcing companies to revise their business models. Click here to learn more about how these trends may affect your business.