Travellers are flying solo in 2015 | The Insight Files |

Travelling solo is increasingly on the cards for travellers, with 32% of surveyed Australians planning to jetset alone in 2015. surveyed over 4100 people, and the results showed a surge in interest for destinations that are doable on your own. With 61% of respondents already experienced in solo travel, and another 25% keen to try it in the future, it’s a major trend to keep an eye on. Counting down the top reasons for taking a trip on your own, the freedom to do what you want when you want came in as number one, with 53% of respondents voting it in. At 17%, the ability to be completely spontaneous was the next top reason, and meeting new people came in third. At 5% and 4% respectively, getting to know yourself and immersing yourself in culture were the other reasons for solo travel.