Airline passengers on wifi, in-flight entertainment and on-board activities | The Insight Files |

A study by the Airline Passenger Experience Association has indicated the lengths carriers may have to go to in order to satisfy tech-hungry customers. The organisation asked almost 3,500 regular air passengers from around the world for their opinions on a range of topics, including their overall passenger experience, technology and in-flight entertainment and ticket purchasing. Among the results:

  • Only around one-third of air passengers were very satisfied with their last flight.
  • Comfort and ambience are considered the most important requirements for an enjoyable journey.
  • Over half (55%) of passengers have downloaded an airline's mobile application.
  • Around 25% of passengers had the opportunity to use a free IFE system of some kind.
  • Most common use of a smartphone during a flight is music (48%), followed by games (42%), email/social media (36%), reading (24%) and watching downloaded movies/TV (16%).

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