TripAdvisor delves into traveller types and booking trends | The Insight Files |

TripAdvisor is the latest to put travellers into groups according to behaviour. As part of the company's ongoing TripBarometer, it commissioned Ipsos to identify different traveller profiles. The research came up with six:


  • Value seekers are predominantly aged 25 to 34, often travelling with children and like beach holidays.
  • Luxury travellers spend big, are mostly aged 25-49 and like beach holidays and city breaks.
  • Social travellers (25-49) often go away with others. The income for this segment is medium to high and they are influenced by word of mouth and recommendations.
  • Independent travellers like to travel alone and are looking for adventure.
  • Researchers devote a lot of time to researching where to go, where to stay and what to do in a destination.
  • Habitual travellers can be aged anywhere between 35 and 64; they return to the same place again and again and want things easy.


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