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What online hotel ratings and reviews aren't telling consumers

What online hotel ratings and reviews aren't telling consumers | The Insight Files |

Hotel ratings do not tell the full story of how guests view a hotel, according to an analysis of the text of 5,830 reviews covering 57 hotels in Moscow, Russia. The study found, for instance, that negative comments have a heavier weight in a guest’s rating of a hotel than do positive comments. This uneven weighting means that a simple average of positive and negative scores may not provide a clear view of guests’ opinion of the hotel. This finding also underlines the importance of consistency, because guests’ bad feelings from poor service generally will submerge their favorable feelings from good service. The study applied a regression analysis to the relationships of 18,106 distinct terms relating to five specific attributes—amenities, experience, location, transactions, and value. Download the report.

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TripBarometer: The World's Largest Accommodation and Traveler Survey

TripBarometer: The World's Largest Accommodation and Traveler Survey | The Insight Files |

Tripadvisor has lead the world's largest combined accomodation and traveler survey- with over 35,000 participants from around the globe. This comprehensive study covers travel attitudes and behaviors of consumers as well as the hotel industry's plans and expectations for the year ahead.


To find out more about your market , follow the link :


Alexandre Guapyassu's curator insight, October 8, 2013 10:48 AM

Very cool #infographic by #Tripadvisor

Gibson Management's curator insight, April 10, 2015 11:52 AM

Trip Advisor has changed the way we all do business!  How often do you enter a review on something that you do personally?  With the TripAdvisor now announcing that they will branch out into the market of selling rooms, as well as evaluation the surveys that we receive, where do you see this trend of one company controlling so many channels going.  Another good example is the ever shrinking airline industry.  The need for continued competition is something that I believe need to continue to embrace, how else do we know if we are truly better than the competition? 

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Tripadvisor targets Australia as a growth market

Tripadvisor targets Australia as a growth market | The Insight Files |

The world’s largest travel review website courts Australia to boost its traffic.


US publicly listed travel ratings site,, ranks Australia as one of its largest growth markets – with year-on-year growth of users up an average of 45 per cent and more than 900,000 unique web visitors – and plans to boost these numbers through new business partnerships and an updated advertising strategy.


Robin Ingle, Tripadvisor’s senior vice-president, advertising sales, is in Australia to meet new potential partners, such as online travel agencies and hotels, and for the company’s excellence awards. She told BRW the company already has up to 200 partnerships with hotels and online booking agents.


“From the beginning, Australia has always been a very important market for us,” says Ingle, who was the company’s eighth full-time employee 11 years ago. “We’ve had several meetings with online travel agents and hotels, and we’re hearing this is what the market really needs .. from a relationships point of view. We want to continue to expand and grow those relationships in Australia.”


Read more:

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TripAdvisor sheds light on what drives a hotel booking

TripAdvisor sheds light on what drives a hotel booking | The Insight Files |
Some fascinating global data from the folk at TripAdvisor, released as part of a presentation made in China this week.

Via Wendy Forbes
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Aussie World rates in the South Pacific's top 10 theme parks

Aussie World rates in the South Pacific's top 10 theme parks | The Insight Files |

THE THEME-park juggernauts of the Gold Coast have a bit of competition, with the Sunshine Coast's Aussie World named in the South Pacific's top 10 amusement and water parks.


The honour, which came after voting by travellers in the Trip Advisor Travellers' Choice awards, ranks the Palmview venue up with attractions such as Sea World, Dreamworld and Warner Brothers Movie World, as well as New Zealand's famed Splash Planet.


"What a wonderful award to receive," Aussie World marketing manager Melinda Haeusler said when she heard the news.


"We're so pleased to have made the top 10 as these awards are based upon genuine feedback from guests who have been to Aussie World and who want to share their experience with others.


"We put a lot of effort into making sure that everyone who comes to Aussie World has a memorable and happy time and this goes to show our hard work has paid off."


A Sunshine Coast Destination spokeswoman said it was a huge testament to the commitment Aussie World had made to tourism.

"Aussie World have invested pretty heavily over the past two years, which has just been fantastic," she said.


"I think any sort of awards always sets an excellence benchmark for the entire tourism industry."


Australia Zoo, Under Water World and Top Shots Fun Park all received Certificates of Excellence.


Despite the accolades for our manmade attractions, the Coast's world-recognised natural assets missed out.


No Sunshine Coast beach made the nation's top 10, which included Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta, Byron Bay and Manly Beach.


The Coast as a whole also missed out on the top 25 destinations in the South Pacific.


Trip Advisor is the world's largest travel site.

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