Chinese visa reform a “game-changer” for tourism | The Insight Files |

Chinese visitors are now able to apply online for three-year multiple entry visas to Australia, a boon for tourism according to officials. Industry members have applauded an extension of the multiple-visa online process as a positive step forward in Australia's visa reform process. The TTF welcomed Andrew Robb's announcement last week, saying with more than 100 million Chinese nationals travelling internationally last year, the move would allow for Australia to grow its market share. According to TTF's chief executive, "industry has been advocating to government to make visas for Chinese visitors simpler to apply for, faster to receive and more affordable. Visa reform is a real game-changer for Australia's tourism industry and has the potential to help drive economic growth and jobs in Australia. Combined with the previously announced move to a permanent online application system for Chinese visitors by the end of 2015, this will help to drive repeat visitation from what are now the highest-spending category of visitors coming to Australia."